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As a wholesale mortgage loan officer, I offer my clients access to hundreds of lending options and the ability to find the best deal that suits their individual scenario. From downpayment assistance to investment properties, land loans, ITIN, and Non-QM – not forgetting One-Time New Construction Loans and manufactured homes without permanent foundations or on lease land – there truly is every loan for every scenario. The beauty of working with a wholesale loan officer is that loan approval is less like to be denied due to the greater flexibility in pricing, diverse selection of products to help make the loan work, and in the end, saves realtors valuable time when it comes to getting the job done. In my role as a hands-on mortgage loan officer, I work closely with my clients at every stage of the mortgage process. As an individual who holds both a mortgage and real estate license, knowledge is power! With the education I provide, my clients have the confidence to shop for a home, knowing they are well prepared. In addition to providing my clients with tips and tricks on how to build and repair their credit, I also explain the importance of appraisals and home inspections or help them create a competitive offer.

Jasmin Feliciano