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For over 140 years …

Located on a 160-acre parcel in Lake County’s Excelsior Valley, 29 miles north of Calistoga, the Adamson Ranch is a small family farm. Originally established in 1880, the Adamsons have farmed ranched in the Lower Lake area for the last 140 years. The patriarch of the family John Martin Adamson was involved in a wide variety of agriculture ventures including raising Durham cattle,vineyards and grain.

On the Adamson ranch our goal is to maintain the legacy of John Martin by continuing to diversify our farming and ranching efforts and to be good stewards of the land using holistic and natural techniques. We are focused on sustainability by offering an ever increasing line of products. 

Currently, we are farming organic Chandler walnuts, premium oat hay, and Hampshire/Suffolk sheep for wool and meat. In addition, we host cattle on our rangeland.

Our Walnuts

Our 21-acre premium Chandler-variety walnut orchard was planted in 1995.  The organic practices in our orchard have been USDA certified.  Wildlife is encouraged on our farm as they provide support for a healthy ecosystem.  We use no pesticides; the only fertilizer used in the orchard is provided by nature–specifically, chickens and sheep.  Established trees receive only water provided by Mother Nature in the form of rain.  We are proud of the large light-colored walnuts produced in our orchard.

Phil Adamson, Karen & Darrell Suenram, Russ & Joan Cremer