Shakespeare at the Lake: The Tempest


Friday, August 2, 2024


7:00 pm


Austin Park
14077 Lakeshore Dr, Clearlake, CA 95422

Come join us by the beautiful shores of Clear Lake in Austin Park for the 9th annual Shakespeare at the Lake performance. This year’s production is The Tempest.

The show will start at 7pm. Bring lawn chairs and blankets to watch Shakespeare’s the Tempest in action.

Food and drinks will be sold at the event.


“The Tempest” is one of William Shakespeare’s final plays, believed to have been written around 1610-1611. The play unfolds on a remote island where the exiled Duke of Milan, Prospero, lives with his daughter Miranda. Prospero, a powerful sorcerer, orchestrates a shipwreck that brings his treacherous brother Antonio, the King of Naples Alonso, and other characters to the island. Through his magical abilities, Prospero seeks justice and reconciliation while navigating themes of power, forgiveness, and the transformative nature of love. The play explores the complexities of human relationships and the consequences of betrayal, ultimately culminating in a resolution that combines forgiveness, redemption, and the restoration of order. “The Tempest” is celebrated for its enchanting language, intricate characters, and the exploration of the human condition.



The rightful Duke of Milan, Prospero was overthrown by his brother Antonio and Alonso, the King of Naples. Prospero is a powerful magician who has been living in exile on the island with his daughter, Miranda. Throughout the play, he uses his magical abilities to manipulate events and seek justice.


Prospero’s daughter, Miranda has grown up on the island and is naive about the outside world. She falls in love with Ferdinand, the son of Alonso, and her innocence is a contrast to the political intrigue surrounding her.


A native of the island, Caliban is the son of the witch Sycorax. He initially serves Prospero but later rebels against him. Caliban represents the colonial themes in the play and the clash between cultures.


A spirit enslaved by Prospero’s magic, Ariel is ethereal and magical. Ariel carries out Prospero’s commands but longs for freedom. Ariel’s character reflects themes of servitude and the desire for liberty.


The son of Alonso, King of Naples, Ferdinand is separated from his father during the shipwreck. He falls in love with Miranda, and their love story is a central subplot in the play.


Prospero’s brother, who usurped the dukedom of Milan from Prospero with the help of Alonso. Antonio’s betrayal sets off the chain of events in the play.


The King of Naples, Alonso assisted Antonio in overthrowing Prospero. Alonso is grief-stricken over the apparent loss of his son during the shipwreck.


Alonso’s brother, who is involved in the conspiracy against Prospero. He is a secondary antagonist in the play.


A nobleman who helped Prospero and Miranda when they were exiled. Gonzalo is a kind and just character, providing a contrast to the treachery of Antonio and Sebastian.

Trinculo and Stephano:

Shipwrecked sailors who, along with Caliban, plot against Prospero. They provide comic relief in the play.

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